Leading Best Practices for 30 Years

About Us

BIG ENOUGH TO SERVE, SMALL ENOUGH TO CARE. We provide clients with individual attention and advocacy to develop cost-effective solutions that reduce risk and comply with regulations.

Leading Best Practices for 30 Years

With offices and staff strategically located close to both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, PennJersey has a 30-year track record; while a lot has changed, providing forthright advice about the process and advocacy with regulators has remained a constant. We focus on staying up to date with the latest developments in regulations, guidance, and advanced technologies and prioritize looking down the road to anticipate future changes. Our commitment to providing innovative, value-added solutions is what drives our business while allowing us to best suit any need that arrives in our clients’ site assessment and remediation process. We do it without cutting any unnecessary corners, making sure that our clients’ sites are compliant while saving our clients’ money.

Our Priority

Our priority is to provide the best advice possible. We stay calm, cool, and collected with senior staff bringing over 200 years of combined experience to handle our clients’ projects. Our focus is to assist clients through every step of the assessment and remediation process in accordance with all regulatory requirements.

New Jersey DEP’s Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) Program:

Unlike some small firms, PennJersey’s four LSRPs are all direct employees and are involved with every decision, allowing us to exercise independent professional judgment and provide our clients with creative, practical solutions to best fit their needs.

Pennsylvania DEP’s Act 2 Land Recycling Program:

Our Professional Geologists bring their expertise to bear onsite to satisfy Pennsylvania DEP’s requirements and obtain the waiver of liability.


“Getting Things Done Right… the First Time”

PennJersey brings experience and foresight to all aspects of your environmental needs. Having provided service to clients throughout the United States, as well as five other countries, PennJersey LSRPs and Professional Geologists are experts on the evaluation, operations, and site conditions of projects— from oil companies to hotels to schools—and everything in between.

Our goal is to meet our client’s particular needs, reduce their liability, and help our clients make the best possible decision about when and how to remediate their sites. To do this, we need the facts about the site conditions, the nature of the potential release, and its extent. With that information, potentially protective and compliant solutions become apparent.

We frequently encounter properties where the previous assessment and remediation were not properly conducted or where regulatory changes reopen the remediation years after the fact. Neither scenario is optimal, but through direct communication diligence, we can arrive at a solution. The emerging contaminants of concern, including PFAS, present unique challenges to our clients. We are current on the rapidly changing science and regulations to provide assistance.

We are here to advise and help. Feel free to send us an email or call us at either:

908.329.6060 or 888.679.7462