Following completion of a Phase I ESA or a Preliminary Assessment of the property, the next step is dependent upon the location of the site. New Jersey requires a process that is clearly specified in the Technical Requirements for Site Remediation (TRSR), while other states will accept the ASTM Phase II practice approach. Regardless, the approaches are generically the same, involving the design of an invasive sampling program to determine whether the AOC or REC has contributed to an actionable level of contamination of any medium

The testing is designed to evaluate specific contaminants of concern (COCs) identified during the initial assessment within any of the media (soil, groundwater, surface water, air, sediment, etc.) potentially affected. We have the licensing expertise, LSRPs, Professional Geologists, and proven track record to address these matters in any location.

When complete, the Site Investigation/Phase II serves to either eliminate a REC/AOC from further consideration or shows the direction to follow in further defining the level and extent of matters to be further addressed.

The results of this work are then evaluated to determine if further investigation or remediation is needed. If not, the LSRP or PG overseeing the project will issue an RAO or obtain an Act II waiver as appropriate. If contamination is detected above an applicable standard, the data will be used to design the Remedial Investigation/Action or Phase III phase of work.
As always, the goal is to bring the matter to the swiftest, most cost-effective close.

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