Bradley Musser, LSRP

Senior Project Manager

Bradley Musser has honed his skills as an environmental scientist for the past decade. A senior-level project manager for PennJersey Environmental, Musser also spends his time supervising more junior staff members as they conduct their fieldwork measurements. Musser is one of four Licensed Site Remedial Professionals on staff at PennJersey.

A graduate of Lycoming College with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Musser obtained his graduate degree at Marshall University, receiving his Master’s degree in Environmental Science.

When he is not in the field, Musser resides in Royersford, PA with his wife, two children, and two dogs. He enjoys spending time with his family and hiking outdoors. A former collegiate athlete, Musser also enjoys playing sports and attending sporting events. In his spare time, he coaches his children’s various teams.