William P. Call, P.G., LSRP


Mr. Call holds a rather unique geology degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as it is based on his collaboration with a professor to specifically develop a curriculum that featured various environmental classes—before the Environmental Studies Program was officially developed at the university. Mr. Call has provided environmental services since 1987 as a Professional Geologist (AR, NY & PA) and as a Licensed Site Remediation Professional. Mr. Call served on the Board of Trustees of the Licensed Site Remediation Professional Association and is now the Vice President of Internal Affairs for the non-profit organization. 

Mr. Call has developed and implemented numerous projects involving investigations of various hazardous waste facilities and related site remediation projects. These projects have included state, county, municipal, and commercial properties impacted by various past operations.

Mr. Call’s expansive professional experience includes various environmental investigations; remediation of major New Jersey educational, road expansion, and Brownfields projects; sites impaired by leaking underground storage tanks; Industrial Site Recovery Act investigations; Resource Conservation and Recovery Act site closures; and extensive hydrogeological investigations. In his free time, he can be found fishing with his young daughter, camping, landscaping his home, and furthering his skills in crossbow archery.

  •       NJ Licensed Site Remediation Professional 573657
  •       NJ UST Subsurface Evaluator 0010212
  •       NJ Environmental Resource & Geotechnical/Soil Borer 0023686
  •       AR Professional Geologist 1672
  •       PA Professional Geologist PG003036G
  •       NY Professional Geologist 000485-01